‘Childrens Hospital’: ‘Party Down’ Reunion Episode Review

The long-awaited “Party Down” cast reunion airs in Thursday night’s episode

Thursday's episode of the Adult Swim comedy "Childrens Hospital" is titled "Party Down."

If that sounds like blatant thievery of the defunct cult sitcom of the same name, which Starz cruelly canceled in 2010 after two seasons, it is entirely intended, given that the long-awaited "Party Down" cast reunion occurs in the episode's final minutes.

The plot revolves around the bar mitzvah of Ken Marino's Dr. Glenn Richie, a fellow who, despite somehow being denied that rite of passage in his youth, identifies himself as a Jew so strongly that he says things like: "Being a Jew is fantastic. We have big hands. We kick ass at math. And we can lift three times our body weight."

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The bar mitzvah is held at the hospital and the "Party Down" crew turns up to cater the event — meaning Marino and Megan Mullally get to do double duty as both their Starz and Adult Swim characters. Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr and Ryan Hansen also appear as their "Party Down" personas; they are all wearing blue bowties instead of their red ones, possibly due to intellectual property rights concerns.

(Adam Scott, the lone conspicuous absence from the reunion, told TheWrap that he had to miss the fun because he was shooting a movie in New York the day the episode taped.)

The episode was written and directed by Rob Schrab, best known for his stint as head writer on Comedy Central's "The Sarah Silverman Program" and for the failed Fox pilot "Heat Vision and Jack" — both of which he co-created with "Community" honcho Dan Harmon. While Schrab never contributed to "Party Down," it's obvious from this homage that he was a fan.

As satisfying as the main storyline and the "Party Down" cameos are, however, an absurd subplot starring Rob Huebel's dimwitted Dr. Owen Maestro steals the episode.

Owen laments that he was circumsized as a baby and confronts his father (played by Stephen Root) about the grievous travesty. Their initial exchange on the topic is priceless.

"I want my foreskin back!" demands Dr. Maestro.

"What makes you think I got your weiner trimmings?"

Owen is so forlorn over the lost body part that he sets about having his foreskin sewn back on — only using bologna. He tells the reluctant surgeon: "Stop talking and start sewing that deli meat on."

Foreskin jokes and a "Party Down" reunion — thank you, "Childrens Hospital."