‘Childrens Hospital’ Q+A: Rob Corddry on Midnight Timeslots and Clown Eyebrows

The Adult Swim star clowns around with TheWrap in advance of Thursday’s season 3 premiere

Last Updated: June 3, 2011 @ 6:18 AM

Rob Corddry assures you that the third season of "Childrens Hospital," the Adult Swim doctor-show parody that he created and stars in, is launching Thursday at midnight, which is to say one minute past 11:59 p.m. on June 2.

Of course, its timeslot means that the show technically begins at midnight on what is actually the start of Friday, June 3 — a peculiarity that has confused him as well.

"It's not ideal for marketing purposes," laughs Corddry when confronted with the hard facts. "But I think everybody gets it."

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On the ensemble sitcom, which got its start as a web-only program on TheWB.com before Cartoon Network's Adult Swim programming block picked it up, Corddry plays Dr. Blake Downs — a man who believes that he is a clown and who practices medicine using "the healing power of laughter."

We spoke very briefly with Corddry about what the new season has in store for us.

Last season's finale guest-starred Jon Hamm. Any big cameos on the show this year?
The first two episodes are kind of guest-star heavy. We’ve got Jon Hamm, Lisa Edelstein, Sarah Silverman and Nick Offerman.

Great — so, Jon Hamm is recurring?
Yeah, definitely, the joke being that Malin [Ackerman]'s character is actually a man, played by Jon Hamm. We definitely want to keep that bit going as long as he’ll have us.

What’s the season arc for the clown doctor Blake Downs?
This season we sort of explore being a clown as part of a race, and the struggles that clowns have had fitting in to society. That’s his major thrust of this season.

That’s a big problem for clowns.
Some would say that—if you like clowns. I think they should know their place. Why do you want to sit at the same lunch counter with me, clowns? Why do you want to use our water fountains?

Will there be a lot of clowns appearing this season?
Well, Sarah Silverman plays one of my ex–clown girlfriends, who I leave because I want to bang an Asian chick. But I think that’s about it for clowns. Oh, and Matt Besser plays a circus clown, and we explore the difference between circus clowns and city clowns.

Can you explain the origin of the face paint?
That’s almost exactly John Wayne Gacy’s makeup. We added a couple of cute eyebrows. It changed everything. Now, if John Wayne Gacy had just added eyebrows to his makeup, he probably would have been able to rape and murder twice as many boys as he did. 

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