Chima on ‘Big Brother’: Britney Out and the Brigade for the Win

The final head of household will be determined next week during the live finale

britney big brotherEnzo may have started the Brigade, but Hayden is determined to finish it as the last man standing.  Winning Head of Household this week, Hayden put the plans in motion to get out the only woman left and lone outsider. The Animal had tunnel vision and Britney was his blind target.

Naive Britney refused to see what was directly in front of her the entire game. She thought the Alpha males of the house were her inner circle, but they had inconspicuously banded together on day 2 and proceeded to dictate the game from that point forward. Britney stood on the periphery as they even succeeded in controlling her HOH by puppeteering the removal of a pivotal Brigade member.  To her credit, The Brigade went undetected by everyone in the house, a couple opening their eyes when it was much too late.

Ragan warned her about them last week, but Britney chose to believe she was one of the boys, Lane was her best friend to the end, and she was therefore protected. When nominated alongside Lane, she felt confident in his promise to take her to Final 2. However, Britney, having proven a worthy POV competitor in the past, wasn’t content to lie down and float to the finals on his coattails. She knew this final Power of Veto competition was the most important of them all and was going to fight until the bitter end.

Silently rooting for her, Lane’s plan was for Britney to win, remove herself from the block, and send Enzo home without having to get his hands dirty, but his strategy didn’t stand a chance against Hayden’s winning streak.  The Animal hustled and eked out another win, thereby solidifying his nominations and Lane’s renewed allegiance to the Brigade.

A grenade had hit the Britney and Lane side alliance. It was a guarantee Enzo, the only vote, would be sticking with the Brigade, and she was on her way out.  The Brigade knew it and it was time Britney knew it too.

Lane opened up about the Beast, Enzo announced the Meow Meow, Hayden confessed the Animal, and they all divulged the inner workings of their now exposed alliance.  At first Britney appeared unfazed by the disclosure, but when Hayden made it clear he would not be using the Veto and the $10,000 she won in a luxury competition would have to suffice as her grand prize, she became visibly upset and shaken.

Devastated, Britney retreated to the rust room where Lane later approached her and assured her his intentions were always good and she left to the jury house believing that.  Voted out directly after the live veto ceremony, Britney told Julie Chen she begrudged Lane nothing and even cared a lot for Enzo and Hayden. The loyalty to the Brigade knows no bounds as Matt has shown, but maybe she’ll finally reveal their secret to the jury that awaits.  

In the jury house, Matt still has yet to mention the Brigade, but he did open up to Ragan about his wife’s good health and lack of illness; this time abandoning his typical smirk for a huge grin as he offered, “Sorry?”

Matt’s apologies are the worst.  They lack a critical factor –remorse.  Moreover, “Sorry,” should always be declarative, no question mark about it.

The whole scene was devoid of emotion on Matt’s part, but Ragan appeared deeply betrayed.  It would have been nice to delve further into that “explosive moment we’ve all been waiting for” the voiceover promised, but Rachel interrupted with her unique brand of manufactured drama.   She does have a knack for making everything all about her, but we’ll take it.  How else would we get little digs like Ragan’s “We don’t share a common reality,” to Rachel? Oh Ragan, no one throws barbs like you. Rachel’s “queen” jab doesn’t even come close.

Also thrown around were Lane, Enzo, and Hayden in the first part of the final HOH competition, Rumble in the Jungle.   A test of endurance, Hayden stayed on his rope the longest and advanced to the third part to face off with Lane, who won the second part in a face morphing competition.  The final HOH of the season will be determined next week during the live finale where one of these Brigade members will win the cash prize of a half a million dollars. Hayden’s mastery of the most recent comps has him possibly sitting pretty in one of those Final 2 chairs, Bieberish hair and all.  

Regretfully for Enzo, the man who started the Brigade, his fate lies in the hands of either Hayden or Lane.  He has to rely on the Animal or the Beast to take him to the end, but at this point in the game; it’s every man for himself, all loyalties aside.  

Meow Meow’s social game may have been flawless, but his inability to win competitions at crucial moments may prove to be his downfall and result in him casting a winning vote rather than receiving one.