Chima on ‘Big Brother’: Capt. Kosher Out, Queen Rachel Back On — Her Throne

We get a taste of what this season can be when the houseguests get riled up

Successfully outlasting his competitors, Matt, the self-proclaimed diabolical super genius, rode the wave to victory, became the new Head of Household and set the stage for a week culminating in fireworks. His secret alliance, the Brigade, was ecstatic over his win as they saw it as a clear opportunity to rid the house of power couple Brendon and Rachel, but Matt’s ego had spoken — his HOH, his nominations: Kathy and Andrew. Deal with it.

Kathy cast a vote for Matt’s elimination last week so her spot on the block made sense to everybody but her. Andrew, on the other hand, knew he was on the block as a pawn but didn’t like the plan from the beginning, noting if Matt’s plan was to get Brenchel out of the house, put them both up, ensuring that at least one of them goes home —no matter what. 

Ah, makes sense to us common folk, but we’re dealing with a genius, and his diabolical mind dictated Brendon would go home when he or his secret alliance won the Power of Veto. In other words, Brendon would be backdoored. 

Matt ironically picked Brendon’s name during the Veto Competition’s random player selection and that effectively ended his brilliant backdoor plan because Brendon went on to win POV. The outcome had the Brigade questioning “The Brain” of the operation and Andrew worrying about his fateful possible eviction.

Rather than rely on Matt’s reassurance he was safe, Andrew devised a plan with Brendon to make a bold move during the Veto ceremony that would convince his fellow houseguests he was on their side in removing Brenchel from the house. Unfortunately his, “Brendon and Rachel, I’m coming for you…” ruse of a speech got the house thinking exactly the opposite.

Captain Kosher went from flying under the radar to having the spotlight shining directly on him in the collective minds of the now suspicious houseguests. Not surprisingly, Brendon didn’t use the Veto, therefore keeping the nominations the same. 

Kathy’s spot in the hot seat began to cool as her stay in the Big Brother house was granted a possible extension by Andrew’s failed scheme, but the house was fired up and remained that way as the credits rolled. Rachel was furious with Andrew for targeting her showmance despite Brendon’s apologies and reveal it was just collusion with Andrew. 

Kristen and Andrew let sparks fly as he accused her of not being there for him and Kristen denied his accusations with a parting warning to be careful. The Brigade, taking note of all the recent drama surrounding Andrew, contemplated keeping him around as their own personal smoke and mirrors, deflecting all focus from their alliance members. Little did they know Andrew was ready for war.

Shots figuratively fired when Andrew gave his final plea speech at a breakneck speed. Outing Kristen and Hayden’s secret showmance. Pow! Exposing what the duo really thinks of each of their fellow houseguest. Bang! Discrediting Kristen’s reputation and encouraging Hayden to distance himself from her. Pop! And disclosing some houseguest designs to oust one another. Boom!

Still reverberating from the bludgeoning, each houseguest cast their votes evicting Andrew from the house with a unanimous vote of 8-0. Rachel regained her power position as Head of Household, but not before telling Andrew that he too was coming between her and her man. Her game decisions obviously being made in the name of love.

Andrew’s shocker of a speech may have not kept him in the house, but as he walked out the door, he took the target formerly on his back and placed it squarely onto the backs of the no longer secret showmance. Seems Queen Rachel has her new HOH sights set on another threat to her relationship with her man, Kristen and Hayden. In her mind, there can be no other showmance, but Brenchel and I’m sure we’ll see this play out next week. The latest catfight had already begun at the close of the show.

Viewers now have a chance to vote for a new secret Saboteur, who will be given a two-week reign of chaos, earning $20,000 dollars in the process. And despite all the speculation leading up to this resurgence of the twist gone wrong, the first four sequestered houseguests are not an option.

With choices limited to the Big Brother house's current residents, who will you pick? Will the interview with Matt’s wife about her falsified bone disease curb the controversy outside of the house? Most importantly, do you think the weeklong slop pass they were all given will inspire some libation fueled drama?

We’ve got a taste of what this season can be when the houseguests get riled up. Don’t hold back now!