Chima Recaps ‘Big Brother’: The Break-Up of Brenchel

A second attempt at the Saboteur twist is looking like the easiest $20,000 Ragan will ever make

It’s time for Matt to take it upon himself to rename The Brigade. Just go all diva on them and start calling it Matt & The Brigades in the same vein of Diana Ross & The Supremes because truly, he’s the star of his secret alliance and Enzo,

Hayden, & Lane just continue to sing back up. “We’re running things,” is their favorite lyric sung repeatedly, but Matt is always standing front and center singing solo while the curtains close on the background players behind him.

The stage was set for any of them to win this week’s endurance competition, but Matt put on a good show and ran away with the title of reigning Head of Household once again. The Brigade prefers it this way because it keeps their hands clean as Matt deals with the dirty work. His hands bloodied this week by putting Rachel & Brendon on the chopping block.  

Brenchel was up and the houseguests were positively thrilled with his nominations this time around, but their celebratory mood soon cooled. Matt may have shipwrecked the love boat, but he also unleashed the perils of Pandora’s Box on the house when he surreptitiously decided to take the Diamond Power of Veto from its glimmering case.

This bling could be worth the $500,000 grand prize as it advances Matt through the game by allowing him to save himself or anyone else from eviction while also picking the replacement nominee.

If Matt were to disclose his power, he would lose it, so he told a faulty lie causing the houseguests to question his story. They knew to expect a dark cloud to befall the house; they just didn’t know if it would storm or lightly sprinkle.

Enter the saboteur, Ragan, who graciously accepted his new two-week stint in sabotage. Appearing on the flat screen amid static and distortions, Ragan in Jigsaw form, threatened everyone upon his return, “… watch your back before I stab you in it.”

So far, his paper-cut puncture wounds have come from tasks administered with a dull butter knife. Unlike last time, the saboteur duties don’t involve any more than delivering misleading messages. This week they predominately centered on dismantling Rachel and Brendon, who found the missives hilarious in between kisses –their bond unbroken.

And the houseguests seemed no more paranoid than they already would be given the house itself breeds paranoia. They completely ruled out Ragan as the culprit and just continued to play with all intent to rid the house of Brenchel regardless of saboteur tampering. "Big Brother’s" second attempt at the Saboteur twist is looking like the easiest $20,000 Ragan will ever make.

Rachel and Brendon knew they were doomed, sabotage or not. She told them to bring it on and “oh, it’s already been broughten.” Last week Rachel caused the rift in Hayden and Kristen’s union and now Brenchel was on the verge of a split.

But they were determined to win the veto ensuring one of them stayed. Brendon insisted that — one — be Rachel. He’s a self-admitted idiot for throwing the game in her favor, but he’s okay with being a fool for love. It’s real, it’s deep, and it’s worth half a million dollars. At least for him it is. Every time Brendon professed his love to Rachel she responded with a real tear here, a fake tear there, but she has never uttered the words, “I love you.”

His resolve to be evicted this week was solidified when Britney won the power of veto for the third time this season. Consoling Rachel, Brendon assured her he was her knight and would protect her by any means necessary, including bullying and attacking others so they had no recourse, but to evict him. Rachel, on the other hand, was in the mood for a real fight when she approached Kathy about celebrating after kicking her out of the POV competition in the first round.

Kathy refused to apologize for winning and loving every minute of it, citing Rachel’s hypocritical behavior in each of her previous victories as one of the reasons. There’s no fight if the other party retreats to the Cabana room so Rachel finally gave up on feuding with Kathy.

As if Brenchel were passing the baton back and forth in a fight relay, Brendon gladly tapped in during the Veto ceremony calling Britney a selfish, spoiled brat for choosing not to use the veto on either of them and then arguing with her throughout the night.

Ragan was pulled into the fray as well, but secret alliance, The Brigade, stayed hidden in plain sight, as always, determining which of the two lovebirds to dismiss in favor of them advancing to the final four right under the other houseguests’ noses.

Despite Brendon’s attempt to make the entire house his sworn enemies and the unwitting group, Rachel’s allies, Brenchel was broken up by a vote of 6-0 with Rachel being blindsided by the unanimous vote. Now the only thing coming between her and her man would be the long winding road to the jury house.

Rachel admitted her shock in leaving to Julie, but insisted that she knew she was the target due to her competitive fire. In turn, Julie handed Rachel a possible life vest; telling her though she’s off to the jury house, it may not be the last she’s seen of the Big Brother house. Might Rachel float back into this game?

Brendon’s goodbye message was heartfelt and vengeful. He went into the HOH endurance competition with a strong desire to get even with the houseguests that tore him away from his girl. Feathers billowing from the sky, rain pouring, and wind blowing; this competition involves weaving themselves through a giant web while bringing their untangled rope with them. The first person to get their rope free & clear of the web, buzzer hit, becomes the new head of household and picks three Have-Nots for the week.

A power shift in the house is likely if Brendon keeps up the ferocious pace he was displaying at the close of the show. Will the Brenchel saga continue in to next week? To whom will Britney dedicate her brilliant diary room ridicules now that Rachel’s gone? And how long before Matt leaves The Supremes? I mean The Brigades.