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Chima Recaps ‘Big Brother': Kathy Joins Rachel in Jury

“This one’s for you Rach,” was the battle cry all throughout Brendon’s quest to become the new Head of Household

Kathy Big Brother“This one’s for you Rach,” was the battle cry all throughout Brendon’s quest to become the new Head of Household. Clearly looking for vengeance for the demise of the once powerful union, Brenchel, his desire to repay those that sent his girl packing propelled him to the best position to exact his revenge, head of household.

And it seemed his decision making process throughout his entire reign involved him asking the question, “What would Rachel do?”

Even with Rachel gone, Brendon was playing for her love and approval. The half a million is just an added bonus for him. With Brendon’s HOH compromised by the Diamond Power of Veto in play this week, it’s probably best.

Luckily for Hayden and Enzo, their secret side alliance they created with Brendon right before his big win worked in their favor. They were spared the threat of nomination and watched as their fellow Brigade member Lane went up against Ragan.  Feeling a little left out, both Hayden and Enzo had become leery of Lane’s flirtatious relationship with Britney and Matt’s love fest with Ragan. Their loyalty to the Brigade was faltering and their main targets were the side alliances weakening the strength of their once solid secret alliance, emphasis on ousting their leader, Matt. He’s considered a threat and they’re floating traitors with no life vest once he’s gone.

Brendon assured Lane he was just up as a pawn, with his HOH sights set on evicting Ragan, but unfortunately for him, Ragan wasn’t going anywhere. Having decided a robot can only add to this cast, Big Brother brought in Zingbot 3000 to host a puzzle Veto competition Ragan dominated. Winning the veto guaranteed his two-week stretch as the Saboteur would result in the easily acquired $20,000. However, just when all was well in the Big Brother house and life was looking up for Ragan; Brendon opened Pandora’s Box.

A getaway with Rachel proved too tempting to Brendon who thought by choosing to unfurl Pandora’s Box he would be indulging in paradise with his true love.  Instead, he had to enjoy his vacation from the Big Brother house in blissful solitude while Rachel wrecked more havoc on the house in 24 hours than Ragan’s two-week “reign of terror” as the Saboteur.

Sashaying through the door while announcing, “I’m back, bitches,” Rachel immediately incurred the wrath of Ragan. Previously weepy and despondent, Ragan unleashed weeks of pent-up fury at Rachel for the mistreatment he felt he and others suffered at her hands. He argued intelligently when not admonishing her pimpled chin, called her out for attacking his sexuality, and decidedly destroyed Rachel in this battle of wit vs. dimwit.  

Rachel recovered and set off on her mission to get Matt on the block since Ragan was no longer an option. All calls of “Brendon, Brendon, Brendon!” unanswered; Rachel decided to leave him a message spelled out in pretzels.  M-A-T-T was the replacement nominee directive laid out in bold pretzel sticks. Rachel privately showed Kathy her edible handy work before making her way out of the front door and back to the jury house to await Matt’s arrival.

Though Brendon followed through on Rachel’s orders and put Matt up as Ragan stepped down, she would have to wait a little longer because unbeknownst to all, Matt was protected with the Diamond Power of Veto. Despite Brendon’s best efforts as HOH, Matt was in the game to win it for at least another week.

Kathy, on the other hand, was about to be blindsided.  Until now, the entire Saboteur mission consisted of static overrun messages that annoyed the houseguests when they weren’t laughable, but Ragan’s final task involved a “I know your secret,” note he had to leave under Enzo’s pillow that poor Kathy was unknowingly blamed for. Enzo was more amused than threatened and approached each houseguest with news of the note. 

A powwow in the cabana room concluded with Kathy singled out as the Saboteur for simply making Enzo’s bed and well, the fact she’s been so horrible in all competitions that she must be throwing them, right?  It didn’t help that Kathy drew Matt’s ire for informing his defecting Brigade members, Enzo and Hayden, about the pretzel message, but not him. 

If Kathy had joined them in the Cabana room she may have been able to defend herself against the faulty accusations, but sleeping through the sabotage chat proved detrimental. The impromptu gathering convinced Matt the house wouldn’t really object to the supposed Saboteur, Kathy, leaving and he wouldn’t suffer for it in the Diamond Power of Veto aftermath. Kathy was the easy way out.

Brendon was nonplussed by Matt’s use of the DPOV and subsequent departure from the block. Matt called Brendon a dummy and nothing. All plans to avenge Rachel’s eviction thwarted, and Brendon just sat there emotionless.

Prior to this anti-climactic moment there was much speculation and hope that Brendon “would pull a Chima,” but that would have required a consuming fervor to win the game and THE MONEY; not win over a girl.

Just a week ago, Brendon was willing to give up his entire game and chance at a half a million for a girl he met only a few short weeks ago. What made anybody think his reaction would be anything more than what it was? The fact that the live show was actually live should have clued everybody in; drama would not ensue nor will it in the near future. In fact, in that moment Brendon was probably thinking, “I just want to go to the jury house, see Rachel, and live happily ever after.” What I was thinking when the coup d’ etat was used is not suitable for print. Brendon’s ultimate grand prize of Rachel still awaits him so he’s not mad at all. Usurp his HOH, not a problem; just don’t get between him and his woman.

Brendon’s still in the game so in the meantime, Kathy will be keeping Rachel company in the jury house.  By a vote of 5-0, Kathy was evicted by very giddy houseguests, elated by Matt’s use of the DPOV. Of course the Brigade members were ecstatic they were still intact, but not by their own doing.  Again, all hail Matt for keeping the secret alliance glued together.

But expect to see the fissures completely break apart this week as the Brigade dismantles itself from the inside out. Matt rightfully has his suspicions of Enzo and Hayden and with Britney as his good friend and HOH heading in to next week the time is ripe for Brigade desertion. So will Britney, the last woman standing, be the one to break up the Brigade finally? How will Brendon react to Britney breaking her word should he go up? Is Big Brother trying to break up her relationship with Nick by highlighting her fauxmance with Lane? Why is this season so focused on break ups?

Moreover, will we finally get an epic breakdown like that of last season? The answer to the last question is, No! That was last season. It was great, wasn’t it? Now let’s move on. We have a double eviction ahead of us.

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