Chloe Kim Finding Out About Her Corn Flakes Box Cover Is Exactly as Adorable as You’d Think (Video)

Jimmy Fallon didn’t waste any time on latest 5-minute “Tonight Show”

Last Updated: February 22, 2018 @ 8:08 AM

Forget the Olympics gold medal: Gracing the cover of a box of Corn Flakes means that you’ve officially made it, Chloe Kim.

The Team USA hero was Jimmy Fallon’s guest Wednesday on his five-minute “Tonight Show,” when the two photobombed a bunch of fans and then shared a special breakfast box reveal. They also squeezed in a mini-interview, in which the NBC host asked the snowboarder how it felt to win the women’s halfpipe competition.

“I felt really empty at first,” she said. “Just emotionless. I was just, there.”

OK, so that’s somewhere between somewhat unsatisfying and downright depressing. Kim’s reaction to learning she replaced the cartoon rooster on the cereal box was much more uplifting.

Your move, Wheaties.

Watch the video above.