Chris Brown’s Alleged Victim ‘Crawled Underneath Car’ During Dramatic Escape (Video)

Baylee Curran recalls being told to sign a non-disclosure agreement on her way out

Chris Brown‘s recent alleged victim is speaking out about what she says led to the singer’s arrest on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon.

Baylee Curran claims that Brown pulled a gun on her while she was visiting his home, simply for admiring a diamond necklace.

“I saw a man who was showcasing the diamond bracelets, and the watches and the necklaces, and of course I saw one that was beautiful, so I was admiring it,” she told “Extra.” “It was a diamond cross necklace, and as I was admiring it, simply just standing over it, looking at it, didn’t touch it, didn’t pick it up, wasn’t trying to take it [or] anything to that sort.”

Curran continued: “A guy with dreads, I don’t recall his name, came at me, cussing, yelling, calling me names, saying, ‘Get away from the diamonds.’”

Soon after, Brown escalated the whole thing, according to the model. “Chris came in, pulled out his gun and said, ‘I’m getting so sick of you people,’ pointed the gun at me, [and told me] to get the f out of the house,” she recalled.

“I fled down his driveway,” Curran went on. “I went to the left side of the street, went up a couple houses, was running. That’s when the neighbors heard the commotion and saw me out there and then called the police, and that is when I then called the police.”

Before police arrived, Curran says, “I saw a black jeep come down from Chris’s driveway toward where I was, where the neighbor was. I went underneath the nearest vehicle… there I was, literally crawled underneath the car… hid behind the tires, and the jeep came up to the area of that vehicle, turned around and went back up the driveway.”

She says there are witnesses, including her friend, the jewelry guy and a tattoo artist. Curran doesn’t expect any of Brown’s buddies to vouch for her, however.

The beauty queen says Brown’s crew also tried to make her sign a non-disclosure agreement about the whole thing.

Finally, Curran insisted that none of this is for publicity: “I don’t lie, I would never lie. Why, for what? I don’t need the publicity. I’m already kind of well-known being Miss California Regional, modeling, upcoming actress, so if I was doing this for fame or something of that sort why would I do it this way?”

And she’s got a message for the hip-hop artist: “I would say to Chris, be the good person that I know you are. He knows what he has done… I would say, just come out with the truth, because I’m sure it will come out one day anyway.”

Watch the video interview above.