Chris Christie Tells Bill Maher the Best Fat Joke He’s Heard About Himself (Video)

“I’m sure you know in the past I may have done one, or maybe two jokes,” the “Real Time” host tells former governor of New Jersey

Bill Maher didn’t shy away from poking fun at Chris Christie when he guested on Friday night’s “Real Time,” telling the portly former New Jersey governor he may have “done one or maybe two jokes” about him.

Christie played along. “But you’re still in second place behind [David] Letterman on the fat jokes, so you’ll be fine,” he smiled back.

“Fat joke — I hadn’t thought of that angle,” Maher teased, asking if it was OK to tell what he thought was his best joke made during Christie’s 2016 presidential run. Christie encouraged him to do so.

Maher said: “Chris Christie can’t run, he has skeletons in his closet — of cows.” That drew a moan from the audience.

Christie remembered back to when he was in office and Letterman made a joke about him after Super Bowl Sunday.

“When he came back from Super Bowl weekend, he said, ‘This weekend, two million pounds of chicken wings were eaten… and that was just at Gov. Christie’s house,’” Christie said.

Now that one the audience liked.

Watch the exchange and the full interview with Christie in the video above.