Chris Christie Says It Doesn’t Matter if Trump Loses Primaries: ‘He Hasn’t Conceded the 2020 Election – Who Cares?’ | Video

“I don’t suspect he’ll ever concede he’s ever lost any election,” the former New Jersey governor and 2024 presidential hopeful adds

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie doesn’t have a lot of hope that Donald Trump would be capable of admitting he’s lost the upcoming primary in New Hampshire if another candidate wins.

Sitting with Jon Karl on ABC’s “The Week” on Sunday, Christie said when asked if Trump would concede, “I don’t care, Jon. No. No one will expect him to concede. He hasn’t conceded the 2020 election. Who cares?”

“The Secretary of State of New Hampshire will certify the votes, you’ll get the delegates per the RNC rules and we’ll move on to the next race,” he added.

In fact, Christie continued, “I don’t suspect he’ll ever concede he’s ever lost any election, even though he lost primaries in 2016 to Ted Cruz, and he’ll lose primaries this time, as well.”

“But it doesn’t matter, Jon,” Christie said. “In the end, the rules will govern here just as the rules governed in 2020 and he moved out of the White House and Joe Biden is sleeping in the White House tonight. I don’t want that to continue after Jan. 20, 2025, which is why I intend to beat Donald Trump and beat Joe Biden.”

On Nov. 15, officials announced the New Hampshire primary will take place on Jan. 23, a date anticipated by the GOP, but that puts the state out of compliance with the Democratic Party. The DNC had pushed for South Carolina to host the first primary in 2024.

Secretary of State David Scanlan announced the news and said, “New Hampshire has held the first-in-the-nation presidential primary election for over 100 years. And we will vigorously defend it.”

In reference to the DNC’s hope South Carolina, a state with a more racially diverse voting body, would vote first, Scanlan added, “Using racial diversity as a cudgel in an attempt to rearrange the presidential nominating calendar is an ugly process.”

“Diversity is not the real issue at play in this debate. At stake is who gets to determine the nominee of a party: the elites on a national party committee by controlling the nominating calendar, or the voters,” he added.

Watch a clip from Christie’s appearance on “The Week” in the video above.


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