Chris Cuomo Details Coronavirus Nightmare: Tight Chest, Fever Spikes, Pools of Sweat

“I’m not going to lose to this thing,” said anchor of why he continues to do his CNN show

Monday night brought another update from Chris Cuomo, who revealed last week he had tested positive for the coronavirus that is ravaging the country’s economy and way of life. The CNN anchor extolled the value of fighting but admitted at one point he felt so bad he considered skipping the show, attributing it to the sweating, difficulty breathing, inability to sleep and more brought on by the virus.

“So, here’s what I’ve learned. Here’s the secret to kicking this virus: It’s not a pill or a potion. It’s about your will and devotion. The virus wants us to lay down. The virus wants us to take it,” Cuomo said on air. “Other than the blessed few, the rest of us who get this are going to have an experience unlike anything else they’ve ever had, days and waves.”

He added he’s “wise to the beast and its ways” and described his struggles, including a constricted chest and laying in pools of sweat unable to sleep.

“There I was Friday night. I was not going to do the show tonight. I was done,” the anchor admitted.

But he got “a call from a friend of a friend of a friend” who is a doctor, he said, who urged him to get up, to stretch, to hold his breath even though it hurt and “to fight.”

“You’ve got to do the things that will beat this virus,” the doctor said, according to Cuomo. “You’ve got to breathe deep when it hurts. And I know it hurts.”

But Cuomo rallied his audience to push through the hurt.

“The COVID is banking on you doing nothing … it wants us to nothing. The answer has to be, ‘do everything,’ he said. “I’m not going to lose to this thing.”

And that’s how the longtime journalist ended up hosting his show, isolated and quarantined in his family’s basement, once again.