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CNN’s Chris Cuomo Calls Kellyanne Conway ‘Naive,’ ‘Deceptive’ in Intense Interview (Video)

”Especially on your network, you always want to talk about Russia, Russia, Russia,“ Conway says

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Kellyanne Conway got heated during an interview on Wednesday about the firing of James Comey, with the White House counselor telling the “New Day” co-host, “You always want to talk about Russia, Russia, Russia.”

Russia is a major part of the story, as Comey’s FBI had been investigating Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election and any potential collusion of Russians with members of the Trump campaign. However, Conway doesn’t seem to think Russia should be such a big deal.

“Especially on your network, you always want to talk about Russia, Russia, Russia. The idea that the FBI has one thing going on, and it’s the Russian investigation, and the idea that this is somehow Jim Comey attorney at law, one person in charge of it… really irresponsible to not report to your viewers that many people are involved in all of these investigations,” Conway said.

Cuomo, who looked baffled, questioned the timing of the decision to fire Comey, which unexpectedly came on Tuesday evening. He accused Conway of using White House talking points, calling her “naive” and “deceptive.”

“You’ve been misrepresenting the White House,” Cuomo said.

Conway fired back, telling the CNN anchor he was simply trying to go “viral.”

Conway then asked, “Why is the timing up to you at CNN?”

She continued: “If the he had done it in January, you guys would have run the same chyron for three months that he did it in January because he’s got something to hide.”

Cuomo seemed more and more frustrated as the interview went on — and whether or not it was his intention, Conway was correct about at least one thing: The interview is bound to go viral.

Check out the video above.

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