Chris Ender to Lead Communications for CBS Entertainment Group

He fills the role vacated by Dana McClintock, reporting directly to CBS chief George Cheeks

chris ender cbs

Longtime CBS PR executive Chris Ender has been named to the top communications post within CBS Entertainment Group.

Ender fills the role left by Dana McClintock, who formally left CBS this week. McClintock announced his departure back in March, which coincided with the beginning of George Cheeks’ tenure leading CBS. As often happens in a merger situation, the outgoing CEO’s — Joe Ianniello, an interim one, in this case — communications lead follows him or her out the door.

Ender will now report directly to Cheeks.

“Chris’ leadership and strategic counsel have been invaluable to me during my first few months at CBS and I quickly came to trust his judgment,” said Cheeks in a memo to staff. “His keen sense of how to manage complex issues and powerfully promote our great content are only surpassed by his integrity and decency. His steady hand leading our talented communicators in every CBS division will be an asset as we continue to evolve and thrive in our ever-changing industry.”

Ender will remain on the west coast and work with Rick McCabe, who will head up the east coast team in New York. McCabe will report directly to Ender.

Ender has been with CBS since 1996, beginning as a vice president of media relations.