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Chris Evans Goes Viral Again Showing Off Key Skills (Video)

Actor’s latest Instagram post elicits wild responses from fans

Chris Evans is trending on Twitter once again, this time for showing off his piano-playing skills.

“Learning one of my favorites by Fabrizio Paterlini,” the 39-year-old actor captioned an Instagram story of himself sitting at a piano playing a piece by the Italian composer.

“Oh my god,” one fan wrote responded in all caps. “Chris Evans finally listened to our requests and posted a story of him playing the pain. God Christmas really come [sic] early this year.”

Even Paterlini was surprised by the newfound attention, tweeting, “Something in the air tells me that today is the day in which @ChrisEvans played one of my songs.” He added, ‘Now I clearly understand when someones says “this made my day.'”

In another nod to fans, Evans wore a chunky cable knit sweater akin to the one he wore in the murder mystery “Knives Out.” The sweater has spawned numerous memes online.

And of course, back in September, Evans trended after accidentally posting a nude photo of himself on Instagram. The actor — best known for playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe — made the most of the newfound attention by encouraging people to vote.

Check out some of the thirstiest responses to his piano playing below: