Chris Hayes Says Delay of Trump’s Documents Trial Proves ‘We Are in Very Dangerous Territory’ | Video

“What Trump-appointed judge Aileen Cannon is doing is a scandal,” the MSNBC host notes

On Tuesday, Florida District Judge Aileen Cannon indefinitely postponed the federal criminal trial over Donald Trump’s misuse of classified documents for reasons that, to put it mildly, are extremely specious.

And on Wednesday, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes commented bluntly on the situation. “What Trump-appointed judge Aileen Cannon is doing is a scandal,” he declared, noting that it’s a symptom of the U.S. judiciary no longer operating in good faith. “We are in very dangerous territory,” he added.

You can watch the whole commentary at the top of the page now.

Hayes lamented that there aren’t a lot of remedies for what Judge Cannon is doing. “I’ve thought about this a lot and it’s human level, which is shame, norms,” he said. “Because, remember, that’s what saved us the last time around.”

Hayes was referring to Jan. 6, 2021, when Donald Trump tried to overthrow the government, but congressional republicans and Vice President Mike Pence refused to go along with it. “I mean, yes, the law helped. Right. But again, if the DOJ had bent to Trump’s will, if there had been three or four lawyers at the department of justice who were willing to send … basically, a letter basically claiming there was widespread voter fraud, where if Mike Pence had agreed to throw out the electors from swing states Biden won. If his lawyers had advised him he could do that. I don’t know, no one knows what would have happened in the end.”

“All we got are individual people formed by the norms and institutions that are embedded in making decisions,” Hayes continued. “Hopefully coming to the right conclusions and acting in good faith, or at the very least, bowing to some sense of public pressure or shame not to do the wrong thing.”

But that isn’t what’s happening with Cannon, Hayes noted. “So, in this case, the least we can do now is state plainly and openly that what Trump-appointed judge Aileen Cannon is doing is a scandal.”

“When our judges don’t act in good faith, when they work only to weaponize the judiciary in an effort to achieve a desired outcome, we are in very dangerous territory. That’s especially true with Donald Trump effectively running to finish the job he started on January 6, a job that can only be completed if the judiciary allows itself to be corrupted,” Hayes added, referring to his frequent warning that Trump’s goal is to essentially end American democracy.


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