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Chris Hayes Predicts ‘Constitutional Crisis’ Before the End of Trump’s Term

”It’s an open question which institutions hold,“ the MSNBC host tweets

Chris Hayes doesn’t feel confident about the future of the United States under President Trump.

Writing on Twitter, the MSNBC host on Monday evening said he believed there would be a “constitutional crisis” before  Trump finishes his term in office.

“Increasingly sure we’re not getting to other side of this without some kind of genuine [sic] constitutional crisis in where it’s an open question which institutions hold,” he said.

The timing of the tweet and subsequent retweets suggests Hayes was motivated to express his dismay after the Republican House Intelligence Committee voted to release a controversial memo alleging serial official misconduct at the FBI.

The move was opposed by Democrats on the committee but championed by President Trump, who now has five days to review its content before releasing it to the public.

Hayes’ MSNBC colleague Joe Scarborough also denounced the decision, and accused his former House colleagues of serving the interests of Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence agencies.

“It is extraordinary that the Republican Party of Ronald Reagan is now doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin and his intelligence agencies,” Scarborough said on Tuesday. “Russian intelligence agencies and the Russian bots that they are sending out are going #releasethememo. They are on the side of certain talk show hosts whose names are not even worthy of mentioning on this show.”

Just hours before the vote, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe resigned from the bureau, adding additional speculation over what the document may contain.