Chris Hayes Slams Florida Ban on Care for Trans Minors: ‘None of Your… Goddamn Business’ (Video)

The MSNBC host calls out Gov. Ron DeSantis as a “hypocrite” for signing the “authoritarian” law

Chris Hayes had blunt words for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis following the enactment of a draconian statewide ban on on gender-affirming care for trans minors. “It’s none of your… goddamn business,” the MSNBC host said.

The bill, which became law on Wednesday, restricts Florida doctors from giving transgender minors medical care such as puberty blockers and hormone therapy. The bill goes directly against the recommendation of the American Academy of Pediatrics. The bill also gives the state the right to take custody of children whose parents are not compliant with the new law.

DeSantis referred to the gender-affirming care as “the mutilation of minors” at a bill-signing ceremony in Tampa. 

Responding to all of this, Hayes did not mince words.

“Telling parents how they can or cannot raise their own children is among the most authoritarian things a government can do,” Hayes said after showcasing videos of DeSantis describing pandemic measures such as mask mandates in similar terms. 

Hayes then brought up DeSantis’ book, the ironically titled “The Courage to Be Free.” 

“To me, that is what ‘The Courage to Be Free’ means,” Hayes said. “Freedom means that in my household, our family decides what kind of healthcare our child does or does not get. Not Ron DeSantis, not the Republican party. But that is no longer the case in Florida.” 

“You may not like it, but you know what? It’s none of your — excuse me — goddamn business,” Hayes also said while addressing the governor and likely Republican presidential candidate. 

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