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Chris Hemsworth and James Corden Have a Good Old-Fashioned Waiter-Battle (Video)

London’s The Northall is going to regret its participation

James Corden is charming, but Chris Hemsworth is operating on a whole ‘nother level. The CBS “Late Late Show” host and the “Men in Black: International” star had themselves a good old-fashioned waiter-battle on Tuesday, when the clear winner was the tall drink of water pouring tall glasses of wine.

Here’s the setup: A Brit and an Aussie walk into a very high-end restaurant, The Northall in London. Both technically filled out their tuxes, though one better than the other.

The two competed for a spot on staff, though frankly, neither actor should quit their day job — or very late night job, in Corden’s case — for the service industry.

Corden got a bit too close with the fine-dining establishment’s guests. He also loudly broadcast their personal business to the entire room.

As for Hemsworth, well, he mostly just talked about himself and smiled. None of the female diners seemed to mind at all.

Watch the video above.

Hemsworth’s “Men in Black: International,” which co-stars Tessa Thompson, is out in theaters now.