Chris Kattan Reveals Who His ‘SNL’ Character Mango Was Based on (Video)

Plus: An origin story for Mr. Peepers, and why he chose “What Is Love” for the Roxbury guys

Chris Kattan joined old “SNL” buddy Jimmy Fallon on Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” where the “Corky Romano” star shared origin stories for some of his most famous “Saturday Night Live” characters.

“Mr. Peepers was based on a bad improvisation at The Groundlings, where I was asked to enter stage and … I just ran out and jumped on this guy Roy Jenkins, and hung upside-down on him,” Kattan said. “And that’s how it was born.”

That’s about as deep as that monkey character goes.

“Mango was based on two things, one of them was a girlfriend,” Kattan said. “She was from Russia, and when she was mad she would say, ‘Kattan, I kill you.’”

You kind of have to hear him say it though.

“It was very endearing,” Kattan added.

“And then the other character it was based on was my dog, who was a Dalmatian,” he continued. “And she would do this kinda ‘come hither’ look.”

Kattan played that one out with Fallon for the cameras.

The name “Mango” came from an actual stripper, so that’s nice.

And then there was the “A Night at the Roxbury” guys. Kattan explained why he chose “What Is Love” to back their neck-centric dance routine.

“I happen to have a not-very-good taste in music, and I loved that song,” he said.

Watch the video above, and enjoy a little Haddaway below.