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Chris Pine, Patricia Arquette Act Out Found ‘Young and the Restless’ Scene on ‘Late Late Show’ (Video)

James Corden’s writer’s assistant stole the ridiculous script from the two shows’ joint printer

James Corden discovered an awesome perk of sharing a printer with “The Young and the Restless”: access to soap opera scripts!

The new “Late Late Show” host had Tuesday’s guests Chris Pine and Patricia Arquette act out a scene from the melodramatic daytime show that his writer’s assistant discovered left on their joint office equipment. The two thespians, joined by host Corden, went into it blind, but kind of killed it anyway.

Corden played Jack, Pine was Austin, Arquette did her best Phyllis. The plot is a bit hard to follow, so we’ll try to help. Jack and Phyllis are married, it seems; Austin is their son-in-law; daughter Summer may or may not be dead.

Pine’s character is a criminal, who definitely kidnapped somebody and possibly also shot the chief of police in cold blood. He may or may not be a changed man.

Forget the plot, just enjoy the ride — especially Pine’s tremendous, glass-breaking performance.

Stick around for Arquette’s hilarious scene-ending improv line.

Watch the video above or click here.