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Chris Pratt Gets Drunk and Offers Terrible Acting Tips: ‘Just Work Out A Lot and Use Sunscreen’ (Video)

The ”Jurassic World“ star improvises for GQ after downing a bottle of Fireball

Chris Pratt was supposed to share insightful acting tips after his GQ cover photoshoot for the June issue, but got drunk instead, and then decided to wing it. The results, as most people familiar with the “Jurassic World” star can imagine, are hilarious.

“This is like performing brain surgery with the blunt end of a hammer,” Pratt told GQ after downing an entire bottle of Fireball whiskey. “This lesson is brought to you by Fireball whiskey. Fireball, drink it out of a paper cup. Don’t be a dick about it.”

So what kind of tips did the master thespian manage to think of on the spot? None that will ever come in handy for students of the craft, but that’s not to say Pratt doesn’t deserve applause for creativity.

“If you’re playing a parent and your child asks you where babies came from, you simply tell them the truth,” Pratt says. “From your mom’s butt.”

Here’s one for the stoner crowd: “Let’s say you get pulled over and you have a bunch of weed in the glove box. Simple. Do this: ‘Officer, I don’t have weed in my glove box.'”

“This has been acting with Chris Pratt. I hope it helps, I’m guessing it won’t,” he said. “Just work out a lot and use sunscreen, and roll the dice, man.”

The key takeaway, though, is Pratt’s final line: “Remember, if you’re working on your plan B, you may as well make it your plan A.”

Watch the video.