Chris Pratt Destroys Jennifer Lawrence in Come-From-Behind Insult Contest Win (Video)

“Where do you keep your Oscar?” quips the “Hunger Games” star

“Passengers” stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt went head to head in a game of playground insults — and it got ugly.

The two appeared on BBC Radio One with Scott Mills and Chris Stark on Monday to play a round of “Playground Insults,” where the objective of the game is to make the other person laugh with their snarky remarks. Whoever delivers the “killer insult” or absolutely dies from laughter wins.

The contest was off to an intense start with Lawrence and Pratt sitting opposite each other, each with their game face on and ready to go.

Lawrence was picked to serve the first insult and it immediately became apparent that she wasn’t holding anything back.

“You are so falsely strong that if I was given a choice of you or your wife to protect me, I would choose Anna,” the “Hunger Games” star said.

Pratt was not here to be toyed with either, as he delivered his comeback without missing a beat.

“Why did they call it ‘Joy’?” quipped the “Guardians of the Galaxy” star about her turn in the 2015 David O. Russell film.

Lawrence almost had this round of “Playground Insults” in the bag, with Pratt continually stumbling in his attempts to razz his co-star.

“Where do you keep your Oscar?” Lawrence asked, adding insult to injury.

But the game abruptly ended when Pratt came back to win with a dark and awkward remark regarding their sex scene in “Passengers.”

Watch the video above.