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Chris Pratt Lies Through His Teeth to Jimmy Fallon (Video)

The ”Jurassic World“ star proves to be adept at fooling the host on ”Box of Lies“

Just ahead of the release of “Jurassic World,” Chris Pratt swung by “The Tonight Show” to partake in a game “Box of Lies” with Jimmy Fallon. Unlike his “Avengers: Infinity War” co-star Scarlett Johansson, Pratt proved to be a better foil for the host.

The game, which each competitor opens a series of boxes that contain mystery objects, is a battle of wits where one contestant needs to determine if the other is lying about what object they have. The “Jurassic World” star managed to not only keep a straight face but managed to defeat and fool the host fairly easily.

Items like a diorama of little people doing yoga — which Pratt wasn’t lying about — threw Fallon off.

However, the thing that got the best reaction — naturally — had to do with “Jurassic World” co-star Jeff Goldblum. The box contained a Jell-O mold of the actor, to which Pratt joked “I do have one of those at home” and easily pointed out that the host wasn’t lying about it.

“I have two of them,” Fallon responded, “because they’re just so much fun!”

Pratt got that right and proved that he such an adept player at this game that Fallon proclaimed at its conclusion that the actor was “the master.”

Watch above.

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