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Jimmy Fallon Can’t Stop Laughing at Chris Pratt’s ‘Mad Lib Theater’ Santa (Video)

Santa’s been working that Doinker for a minute, Ding-Dongs’ been spanking on the roof

There are no wrong answers in Mad Libs. OK, maybe a few.

Chris Pratt joined Jimmy Fallon for a Christmas-themed “Mad Lib Theater” last night, when the “Tonight Show” host couldn’t even get through his first line without breaking.

The dramatic scene centered on Fallon’s elf, Ding-Dongs, being accused of stealing a Doinker. We’d say it all makes more sense in context, but it really doesn’t. That’s kind of the point, however.

Midway through the sketch, Fallon remembered he was supposed to be doing a high-pitched voice this whole time. Fortunately, nothing is more forgiving than the silly word-input children’s game.

Or perhaps, Santa is. Pratt’s St. Nick didn’t stay steamed at Fallon’s Ding-Dongs over the great toy heist, and the two closed out the skit caroling together.

Watch the video above. Then check out Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in space with Dec. 21 release, “Passengers.”