Chris Pratt Sends Disgusting Pictures of This to ‘Parks and Rec’ Co-Stars (Video)

The movie star continues his entertaining “Passengers” press tour on “Conan”

Chris Pratt and his “Parks and Recreation” co-stars sure have a strange — some might even say disgusting — way of showing their affection for one another.

“For a long time, Nick [Offerman], Adam [Scott] and I would have this pact that if we had a really exceptional poop, we would take a picture of it and send it to one another,” Pratt said Tuesday on “Conan.”

Host Conan O’Brien had to interrupt his story to ask, “The three of you would do this as a way to bond — a shared experience.”

“Just right, just right — yes. You’d look at a poop and think, ‘That’s an Offerman. I’m sending that to Nick,’” Pratt added.

The actor, who will next star in “Passengers” with Jennifer Lawrence, explained that “it started when I miraculously pooped in an N shape one time. And I sent it to Nick and said, ‘Hey’ — it was on Nick’s birthday — I said, ‘You guys have the same birthday!’”

However, his photo game was recently compromised because he and his wife, Anna Faris, got a technologically advanced Japanese toilet that doesn’t give Pratt enough time to take a picture.

“Passengers” will hit theaters on Dec. 21.

Watch the video above.