Chris Rock Crashes Seth Meyer’s ‘Late Night’ Monologue (Video)

Meyers was genuinely shocked when Rock came up behind him during his opening monologue

It’s rare to get a genuinely unscripted moment of shock and surprise on a late night talk show. Most surprise guest appearances are at least known about in advance by some people on the staff, and that usually includes the host.

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That’s why it was so much fun when Chris Rock decided to wander over and say hello to his friend and fellow “Saturday Night Live” alum, Seth Meyers. Rock was a guest on ‘The Tonight Show,” and then he simply wandered over during the “Late Night” taping. TheWrap has learned that no one on the “Late Night” staff knew he was coming.

And based on Meyers’ reaction on-stage, he had no idea either. It would be fair to say that Rock’s sudden arrival behind him scared him nearly half to death.

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Rock then stuck around to watch from the best seat in the house as Meyers delivered a few more jokes, laughing hysterically and melodramatically to each of them. He rolled around on the floor and ran around the stage in his enthusiasm for Meyers’ jokes.

“I felt like you maybe gave it a little too much,” Meyers said after Rock fell to the ground in laughter.