IRS Lawsuit Says Chris Tucker ‘Neglected’ to Pay $9.6 Million in Taxes

The federal complaint includes a chart listing the actor’s tax bill

Chris Tucker
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Chris Tucker’s nearly 20-year tax dispute with the Internal Revenue Service has taken a new turn.

The IRS filed a civil lawsuit against the “Rush Hour” star in federal court on Monday, Nov. 15, saying he “neglected” to pay $9.6 million in taxes, penalties and interest, according to court documents obtained by TheWrap.

The 16-page suit was filed in Nevada where Tucker lives, and says he owes taxes on income dating back to 2002, when he was “one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.” The suit additionally says Tucker owes back taxes for 2006, 2008, and 2010.

The document notes the actor entered into various installment agreements with the government, but the balance was never paid off.

At one point, IRS personnel discussed a “$25,000 a month” installment plan with Tucker’s reps, however, the government ultimately rejected the offer because the tax bill would not be paid off before the 10-year collection statute expiration date.

The lawsuit includes a table listing Tucker’s tax bill as: $4,614,070 for 2002; $2,182,803 for 2006; $2,406,024 for 2008; and $481,552 for 2010 — totaling $9,684,452.

“Despite notice and demand for payment of the assessments set forth above, Mr. Tucker has neglected, refused, or failed to fully pay the assessments against him,” the suit says.

The IRS also alleges Tucker filed multiple tax returns in an “untimely” manner, with some coming in years late.

The actor reached a previous settlement with the IRS in 2014 after a federal tax collector filed a $2.5 million lien.

The government is now asking the court to issue a “just and proper” judgement against Tucker.

Reps for the actor did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment on the IRS lawsuit.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.