Chris Wallace on Jon Stewart Flap: ‘Here’s What I Meant’

The Fox News host responds to Stewart’s “Daily Show” response about Wallace’s response — or something like that

On Sunday, Fox News Channel host Chris Wallace added more fuel to the fire surrounding a controversy that arose during an interview with "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart the previous week by clarifying his position on what he meant when he said that Fox News tells "the other side of the story."

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That interview, of course, was the one in which Stewart emphatically stated that Fox News Channel ranked last in every poll regarding which news sources were the most consistently correct in the information they disseminate to viewers.

During that talk with Wallace, Stewart said: “Who is the most consistently misinformed media viewers, the most consistently misinformed? Fox. Fox viewers. Consistently. Every poll.”

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On Tuesday, Stewart issued a mea culpa — and more jokes — after the independent research organization PolitiFact concluded that Fox News didn't actually place last in every such poll, just in some of them.

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Giving a recap of the fallout from the interview, Wallace said Sunday that he was a bit perplexed by Stewart's jabs that his network tells the other side of the story from that dished out by the liberal media.

"Jon seemed to think it was a big deal that we tell the other side of the story," said Wallace. "While I wish I had said the 'full' story, here's what I meant."

The Fox New Sunday" host then spent a few minutes explaining that Fox News tries "to provide a fuller perspective."


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