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Chrissy Teigen Slams E! News and Her S–tty ‘Friends’ Over Pregnancy Cravings Story

”You guys should do a service to all the celebs who give you hourly content and say who your sources are,“ ”Lip Sync Battle“ personality suggests to media outlet

Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter account has given birth to a beef with E! News — and the “Lip Sync Battle” personality apparently isn’t too happy with her more loose-lipped friends either.

Teigen fired up her Twitter wrath on Tuesday, calling out E! News for a report on her supposed “pregnancy cravings.”

“Bring on the food! Chrissy Teigen’s pregnancy cravings include cheeseburgers, fries, and anything spicy,” E! News tweeted early Tuesday, with a link to a story bearing the title “Chrissy Teigen’s Pregnancy Cravings Will Have You Begging for Junk Food.”

Teigen apparently found the story hard to swallow, and said as much in a reply to E! News.

“You guys should do a service to all the celebs who give you hourly content and say who your sources are so we can get rid of the sh–ty ‘friends’ in our lives who sell you stories,” Teigen responded.

Teigen has done battle with the media via Twitter in the past. In March, after Fox News published a story about her reaction to a story about story about United Airlines barring girls from flying because their leggings didn’t comply with the airline’s dress code for company benefit travel, Teigen pointedly asked them to refrain from tagging her on Twitter in the future.

“I respectfully ask you please don’t ever tag me in anything, ever. Words cannot explain how much I detest you,” Teigen, who has also had some choice words for In Touch in the past, wrote.

Following Teigen’s call-out to E! News, one Twitter user suggested that she use a bit of trickery to weed out her blabbermouth associates.

“You better Tyrion Lannister these ‘friends’ and tell them all different stuff and see what leaks,” a tweet suggested.

“I cannot lie without laughing. I’m a very obvious liar,” Teigen responded.

Clearly, Teigen is equally unable to mask her contempt for personal leaks.

Read the exchange below.