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Chrissy Teigen ‘1,000 Percent’ Bails on Touching Live Cockroaches With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

She’ll ”touch anything“ — but she won’t touch that

Friendship will only get you so far when bugs are involved. Chrissy Teigen quit in the middle of a game of “Can You Feel It?” with Jimmy Fallon on Monday’s “Tonight Show” when she snuck an early peek and discovered what was inside the box they were both about to stick their hands into: live cockroaches.

“I’m out!” Teigen shouted, walking away from the NBC late-night host during the final round of their game. “Wait, we’re supposed to do this together!” Fallon said. “No man,” the social media maven said, as it was too late, she’d accidentally seen the bugs early and now she was “1,000 percent not.”

Prior to this hitch in the segment, Fallon blindly put his hands into a giant stack of butter, Teigen touched a sandcastle she thought was an ant farm and a dinosaur-grabber toy that “bit” her, and the “Tonight Show” host pet a live lungfish (Teigen: “Aw, guys! I wanna cook it”). But the cockroaches proved to be too much for Teigen, who said she’ll “touch anything” — just not that.

Don’t worry, she was at least a supportive friend and stood by Fallon as he pushed his fingers into the container and felt the creepy crawlies all by himself.

Watch the video above.