Chrissy Teigen Mocks Ann Coulter’s Weird JFK Tweet

Sorry, Kennedy; “Lip Sync Battle” personality is a Nixon gal now

Chrissy Teigen
Getty Images

Oh, no; it looks like John Fitzgerald Kennedy has lost the Chrissy Teigen vote.

The “Lip Sync Battle” personality declared that she would not be pulling the lever for JFK, who was assassinated while serving as president in 1963, after conservative pundit Ann Coulter appeared to drag Kennedy into the debate over accusations of sexual misconduct against Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore.

Coulter got the ball rolling Sunday night, tweeting a two-month-old People article about former White House intern Mimi Alford, who said that she lost her virginity to Kennedy as a 19-year-old working at the White House.

“Hey Dems! JFK had an extra marital affair with 19-year old Mimi Alford when he was 45 years old,” Coulter tweeted of the article.

Though Coulter didn’t say as much, she appeared to be drawing a comparison between Kennedy and Moore — though Moore’s accusers include a woman who says he initiated a sexual encounter with her when she was 14 and he was 32.

Teigen weighed in on the apparent apples-to-hand grenades comparison while reacting to a twitter user who wrote. “Well that’s it then. JFK just lost my vote.”

In a show of sarcasm-drenched solidarity, Teigen chimed in, “I, too, will now not vote for JFK. Let’s do this, Nixon.”

Thank goodness that Nixon was never accused of doing anything untoward.

Read the exchange below.