Chrissy Teigen on Husband John Legend’s Tony Nomination: ‘What Else Is He Lying About?’

“Why does he not tell me when he writes spongebob songs??” asks “Lip Sync Battle” personality

Apparently, John Legend’s Tony Awards nomination on Tuesday caught his wife Chrissy Teigen by surprise.

As did the fact that Legend had written the music for which he is nominated.

Legend scored a Tony nomination, along with many others, in the Best Original Score (Music and/or Lyrics) Written for the Theatre category, for “SpongeBob SquarePants: The Musical.” And while a simple, “Congrats, honey,” might have sufficed, Teigen took things a step further on Twitter, expressing bewilderment that he had written music for “SpongeBob.”

She also questioned what else he might be keeping to himself.

“John got nominated for a Tony this morning for a song he apparently wrote for spongebob squarepants,” Teigen wrote. “Why does he not tell me when he writes spongebob songs?? What else is he lying about?? Are there other songs out there??”

While Legend apparently kept Teigen in the dark, the “SpongeBob” Broadway production itself was quick to weigh in on the “Lip Sync Battle” personality’s tweet.

“He never told you about us?!?!?!?” the show’s Twitter account reacted. “Wow, John… we’re kinda hurt. But also, CONGRATS!!!!!”

For the record, the show’s Twitter account noted, Legend earned the nomination for “I Guess I Miss You,” from the Broadway cast recording.

Perhaps Legend can write a follow-up now, titled, “I Guess You Missed My Contribution to the ‘SpongeBob’ Soundtrack.”