Late-Night Hosts Join #TeamChrissy in Unity Against Trump’s Chrissy Teigen Twitter Tirade (Videos)

John Legend’s “filthy mouthed wife” has no shortage of support

President Trump lashed out at John Legend and Chrissy Teigen late Sunday night.

On Monday, Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, James Corden, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel all joined #TeamChrissy — and we’ve got the video evidence to prove it.

See Trump’s tweets — and Teigen’s NSFW response — below.

We’ll give the No. 1 late-night talk show host the first word. Watch Colbert’s take on all of the ridiculousness via the video above.

Breaking Nielsen ratings rankings, we’ve posted Kimmel next.

“Trump hates women who talk dirty — unless they’re spanking him with a Forbes magazine while they’re doing it,” the lone ABC late-night comic quipped.

Watch that one here:

Back to CBS, where Corden brought the first lady into this.

“In other news, Melania’s campaign against cyber-bullying is still going strong,” the “Late Late Show” host said of Trump’s latest tweet-tantrum.

What about Trump-hair tussler Fallon?

“You know these are strange times when Trump attacks John Legend and Chrissy Teigen, but invites the Taliban to Camp David,” the “Tonight Show” host cracked.

That one was a pretty common joke — or at least, theme — last night.

And last but not least, Noah.

The Comedy Central host was the only one who could actually say Teigen’s NSFW response out loud without getting bleeped by censors. And if you’re wondering, yes, Noah celebrated that lack of FCC oversight.

Enjoy that freedom here: