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Chrissy Teigen Vents Her Easter Confusion in Call for Help on Twitter

”Why do we hide the eggs? To lure the bunny?“ asks ”Lip Sync Battle“ presenter

Ah, Easter. Chocolate bunnies. Brightly colored eggs in hiding. Perhaps a slice of ham or six. And, for Chrissy Teigen, a whole lot of confusion.

“Lip Sync Battle” presenter Teigen took to Twitter on Easter Sunday to enlist help from her followers, after admitting that she was “so confused” about the holiday, or at least how Easter should be presented to children.

Teigen’s confusion might best be summed up with the philosophical question, “Which comes first, the bunny or the eggs?”

“Wait what is the Easter story for kids? Why do we hide the eggs? To lure the bunny? Does the bunny hide the eggs?” asked Teigen, who has two young children with her husband, singer John Legend. “Do you put something else out to lure the bunny to hide the eggs? Who do kids think hide them? I’m so confused please hurry.”

Teigen’s questions didn’t end there.

“If you’re supposed to put out food to lure the bunny to hide the eggs, how do we explain why we dyed them?” she continued. “We colored eggs for the bunny, then lured him with carrots, then he came back to grab the eggs we dyed to hide them? We’ve gotta simplify this it makes no sense.”

Teigen’s call for help was indeed answered, though the answer only seemed to cause more confusion, at least initially.

“LOL wat [sic]?” read one reply, which continued, “the eggs are not for the bunny. The bunny brings the eggs. They’re for breakfast/brunch.”

To which Teigen replied, “Wait what I thought you hide the dyed eggs LOL.”

Finally, some degree of satisfaction arrived for Teigen in the form of another response, which read, “In my family we would dye eggs and use them + carrots to lure the bunny. the bunny would be happy with what we offered (like Santa with cookies) and exchange the dyed eggs for plastic ones filled with sweets.”

This seemed to quell the confusion for Teigen, who responded, “OK this makes the most sense.”

Watch Teigen’s Easter dilemma unfold below.

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