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Christian Post Writer Not Sorry for Accusing Ellen DeGeneres of Promoting Hollywood Gay Agenda

”I think all of us have an agenda or a set of beliefs that motivate our lives,“ Larry Tomczak tells TheWrap

Christian Post writer Larry Tomczak, who penned an article accusing Ellen DeGeneres of promoting Hollywood’s gay agenda, is standing by his words.

“I think all of us have an agenda or a set of beliefs that motivate our lives,” Tomczak told TheWrap. “I would submit that I have an agenda, and I would submit that Ellen and people everywhere have that … We all bring something to the table or to the party.”

DeGeneres has not yet responded to TheWrap’s request for comment.

Tomczak believes the openly gay talk show host is on a mission to influence public perception of gay issues, whether she acknowledges it or not.

Ellen DeGeneres‘ celebrates her lesbianism and ‘marriage’ in between appearances of guests like Taylor Swift to attract young girls.

The debate picked up steam on the Internet after his words elicited a response from DeGeneres on her talk show on Tuesday. (See the video here.)

DeGeneres broke down Tomczak’s entire argument, first by removing the quotes Tomczak used in the article to describe her marriage to actress Portia de Rossi.

“I’m married. That’s all,” she said. She then quipped that “Larry is watching a lot of gay TV.”

The host reiterated, “I don’t have an agenda. I’m not here to brainwash anyone.” She then held up a spinning vortex in a cheeky attempt to brainwash her audience.

The story went viral soon after, becoming one of the top trending stories on Facebook on Wednesday.

“I never expected it to happen,” Tomczak said, denying that he watches “gay TV.” “I’m just honored that she would address some of the comments I made in my article, even though I have obvious differences with her because of my world view as a Christian.”

Tomczak then went on to praise the talk show host.

“I respect her gift as an entertainer and award-winning talk show host. She is a very likable and winsome comedic personality,” he said.

Tomczak invited the TV host to continue the conversation on her show.

“Ellen you are a remarkable individual whom God has gifted uniquely and given tremendous influence in our generation, the same God who gifted you to enjoy a personal relationship with him, and I appeal to you to stay open to that reality,” he said. “I would hope you afford me the opportunity to dialogue further with you on some of the things we’re talking about currently.”

Asked whether he believes being gay is a choice, Tomczak said: “I believe that I can follow the example of Jesus and love people and yet say, as he said to a woman who was involved in sexual conduct that was wrong, ‘Go and sin no more.'”

Tomczak said he was prompted to write the article because he was “concerned as a parent and grandparent about trends in our culture that undermine the values upon which our nation was founded.”