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Christina Aguilera Calls ‘The Voice’ a ‘Churning Hamster Wheel’ That’s ‘Not About Music’

Pop star was a judge on the NBC reality show from 2011-2016

To anyone who was hoping that Christina Aguilera will reprise her role as guest judge on “The Voice,” judging by comments she made recently, we’re sorry to say it’s not likely.

In a Billboard story posted Thursday, the pop star called the NBC singing competition a “churning hamster wheel” of a show, and said it’s “not about music.”

“It became something that I didn’t feel was what I had signed up for in season one,” she said. “You realize it’s not about music. It’s about making good TV moments and massaging a story.”

“I didn’t get into this business to be a television show host and to be given all these [rules],” she continued. “Especially as a female: You can’t wear this, can’t say that. I would find myself on that show desperately trying to express myself through clothing or makeup or hair. It was my only kind of outlet.”

Aguilera released a new music video this week and announced her sixth studio album, titled “Liberation,” will drop on June 15. The new music also means a tour, which she says is “frightening” now that she’s a mother of two.

“I am a mom first,” she told Billboard. “It’s part of why I stayed in the position I was [at ‘The Voice’]. It’s easy to get comfortable and cushy in the same place and not have to worry about uprooting your kids. I’ve been putting myself on the back burner.”

But the singer, who has sold 50 million records worldwide, added that now, “it needs to happen” and she’s excited to perform and show her kids “what Mommy really does.”

Check out the full interview over here.