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Christina Grimmie Update: 4 New Music Videos to Be Released

Videos for songs from singer’s ”Side A“ EP will begin rolling out on Aug. 11

Christina Grimmie is gone, but fans will have a lot more of her to enjoy in the coming weeks.

Four never-before-seen music videos featuring the slain former contestant on “The Voice” will be released in the coming weeks, Grimmie’s manager said Monday on Twitter.

The videos, filmed in February, are being billed as a “four-part miniseries” titled “The Ballad of Jessica Blue.”

“This story follows Jessica Blue through the songs ‘Snow White,’ ‘Anybody’s You,’ ‘Deception’ and ‘Without Him’ on her journey to find her voice and her path in life only to find they are one in the same,” the announcement reads.

The songs featured in the videos are from Grimmie’s EP “Side A,” which was released in February. The videos will begin rolling out on Aug. 11, premiering on Billboard.com before being made available on Grimmie’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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Grimmie was killed June 10 at age 22 after her concert in Orlando, Fla., when a man who was reportedly obsessed with her opened fire on the singer.

The gunman, 21-year-old Kevin James Loibl, shot and killed himself during the incident.

Last week, the coroner’s office released the results of Grimmie’s autopsy, confirming that the singer died of two gunshot wounds to the chest and one to the head.