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Christopher Darden Says OJ Simpson Confessed to Murders During 1994 Trial

NFL star admitted to killing his ex-wife and her friend while in jail, according to the ”trial of the century“ prosecutor

Christopher Darden, the prosecutor assigned to the O.J. Simpson murder case in 1994,  revealed his team heard O.J. confess to murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and waiter Ron Goldman.

“We heard he confessed in the trial,” Darden, who the authored the recently re-released book “In Contempt,” said on “The View”  Thursday. “We heard he confessed to Rosey Grier during the trial.”

Rosey Grier was the former NFL player and pastor who visited Simpson in jail.

Darden also said he believed Simpson had confessed to the murders a second time.

“I think he confessed it in the L.A. county jail, but we weren’t allowed access to the conversation or the content of the confession,” he said.

“The View” co-hosts also brought up the pivotal moment in the trial when Simpson tried on the gloves. Darden said he still believed the gloves fit him the way they always had.

“I’ve got to tell you, maybe I’m in denial … but when I look, I see the gloves fit,” Darden said. “He’s a better actor than I thought he was.”

The infamous trial has recaptured public interest, with FX’s fictional “The People vs. O.J. Simpson” and ESPN’s “O.J. Made in America” documentary both airing recently.