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Christopher Dorner, Alleged Cop Killer, Sent Package to CNN’s Anderson Cooper (Video)

Christopher Dorner, who is being hunted through Southern California, praised the CNN anchor in an online manifesto 

Christopher Dorner, the former Los Angeles Police Department officer alleged to have killed three people in the last week including, most recently, a police officer, mailed a parcel last Friday to CNN anchor Anderson Cooper's New York office, the network told TheWrap.

The package, opened by Cooper's assistant, contained a hand-labeled DVD with a yellow Post-it note saying "I never lied," apparently referring to his 2009 dismissal from the Los Angeles Police Department.

The package contained a medallion wrapped in duct tape, bearing the hand-carved inscription "Thanks, but no thanks, Will Bratton" and the letters "IMOA," an abbreviation for "Imagine a More Open America." The medallion, a souvenir from former LAPD Chief William Bratton, had three bullet holes through the center and a fourth nicked off the top.

The editorial staff of "AC360" and CNN's management team were made aware of the package on Thursday by CNN officials.

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As police throughout Southern California and Nevada conducted a massive manhunt Thursday for Dorner, Cooper appeared on the CNN show "The Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer" to discuss the package.

CNN said both Blitzer and Cooper were named in a second version of the detailed manifesto Dorner posted online, in which he recounts the ways his former LAPD bosses allegedly wronged him.

Though a CNN spokeswoman did not send the version of that manifesto to TheWrap, Blitzer said that Dorner praised both anchors' interviewing styles, saying "they are of the Walter Cronkite tradition."

"He had some comments about me and had some advice for my interviewing style, I believe," Cooper said. "But it's a very strange thing. And…I just, frankly, learned about this contact he attempted to make just several hours ago."