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Christopher Walken Recalls the Marlon Brando Variety Show That Never Was (Video)

”The Godfather“ star called Walken and told him he wanted to host a variety show filmed in his house

It was the 1990s, the early days of reality television, and legendary actor Marlon Brando had an idea. Perhaps he was inspired by MTV’s “The Real World,” which premiered in 1992 and featured a house filled with cameras.

Christopher Walken recalled the strange phone call he got from Brando during an appearance on “Late Show” Wednesday night.

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Apparently, Brando reached out to Walken because of “Pennies from Heaven,” a 1981 musical film that Walken starred in. He was looking to track down “Pennies from Heaven” choreographer Danny Daniels, whom Walken was still in touch with.

As Walken recalled, Brando told him, “I want to put cameras in my house, I want to do a musical variety show.” He then explained that he played piano and had a background in dance, having trained under some of Walken’s teachers.

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“He wanted to do a musical variety show from his house, and he’d be the host and he’d have guests, and he would do numbers with them and stuff,” Walken explained. “I said, Hey, I’m gonna watch that.”

Unfortunately, Brando’s home-based variety show never materialized. “That’s something we all missed, I think,” Walken told David Letterman. “That show.”