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“Christopher Walken” Twitter Mystery Solved! Well, Almost

The CWalken Twitter account has become one of the Web’s biggest mysteries. It’s got 73,000 avid followers, and gets regular shout-outs not just in Twitterdom but in places like New York Magazine’s Vulture blog as well. Many say they doubt the actor writes them himself — but they don’t really care. With its witty, slanted poeticism, the cwalken feed has a life of it own, with tweets like today’s, "I am now invited to a dog wedding. I don’t have the words to make that stupider than it already sounds. They’re registered at Whiskers."

The tweets are not, in fact, being written by the lovably cryptic actor himself. Walken’s agent at ICM, Toni Howard, confirmed that it’s not him.

 But hardcore "cwalken" fans already knew that. The real story, explained on this site, is a tangled, tangled web, with no clear answer yet as to who is the real cwalken.

What happened was, in April 2008, the culture blog clusterflock created a blog called "cwalken," in honor of the actor, where members could post whatever they wanted, with these guidelines:

"The Christopher Walken account may be used to promote something you’re doing that you’re proud of, as a sort of PostSecret for clusterflock, a way to point out something cool or funny or interesting. Really, for anything. Again, just don’t be an idiot."

In October 2008, the site moved the account to Twitter. But that account apparently went fallow. Then, according to the a post today by editor Deron Bauman, "somebody clusterflock-related took control of the account, changed the password, and started posting hilarity. So, I deleted the now-cached link to prevent confusion."

I contacted Clusterflock, and so far, contributors Andrew Simone and  Cooper Renner have denied being cwalken. Stay tuned…