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Chuck Norris’ Manager Insists ‘Walker, Texas Ranger’ Star Was in Texas During Capitol Riot

But a Norris doppelgänger in last Wednesday’s rally crowd has gone viral

After a photo of “Chuck Norris” at last week’s U.S. Capitol riot started making the rounds online, the “Walker, Texas Ranger” actor’s manager has insisted it was just a lookalike and not the star himself.

According to the manager, Norris was at home on the range (yeah, you read that right) while the riots in Washington, D.C. were taking place.

“This is not Chuck Norris and is a wannabe lookalike, although Chuck is much more handsome,” his manager told the Daily Beast on Tuesday. “Chuck remains on his range in Texas, where he has been with his family.”

But the internet was not so easily convinced after seeing the selfie that Norris’ doppelgänger took with a Trump supporter. The resemblance is uncanny, and, as many Twitter users pointed out, Norris does have a history of right-wing beliefs. One user screenshotted a news article from The Guardian about the actor’s opposition to LGBTQ Boy Scout and Girl Scout troop leaders, as well as a 2012 ABC News story in which Norris said that voting for Barack Obama would bring “1,000 years of darkness.” On top of that, Norris publicly endorsed Roy Moore for Alabama senator, and has historically been pro-gun rights.

However, Norris defenders said the selfie from last week’s rally doesn’t match up when compared to recent photos and videos of the actor. One user also pointed out that Norris has green eyes, while the man’s eyes in the photo appear to be darker.

On Tuesday, Norris himself took to Facebook to give his side of the story.

“It has come to my attention that unfortunately there was a Chuck Norris lookalike at the DC Capitol riots on January 6th. It wasn’t me and I wasn’t there,” the actor wrote. “Let me be clear that there is no room for violence of any kind in our society, including in the context of political protests and that a peaceful transition of power is fundamental to our democratic system of government. I am and always will be for Law and Order. Your friend, Chuck Norris.”

See the selfie below and decide for yourself.