‘Citadel’ Star Priyanka Chopra Jonas Gets Real About the ‘Painful,’ ‘Expensive’ Process of Freezing Her Eggs

“UnWrapped:” “It’s not the easiest thing to do… it makes you feel insane, you’re bloated… but I just really wanted to do it for myself,” said Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas recently made headlines for her decision to freeze her eggs, a process in which a woman’s eggs are harvested and preserved for future use. While this process has become increasingly popular in recent years, taking control of one’s reproductive future is no walk in the park. 

While science has blessed us with new technology like freezing our eggs, the process is still extremely “painful” and “expensive,” according to Chopra Jonas. During a recent interview with WrapWomen’s “UnWrapped” Podcast, the “Citadel” star, who encourages women to freeze their eggs and is thankful for have successfully undergone the procedure herself, also reveals the not so glamorous realities of the process that women must be prepared for.

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The Pros & Cons of Freezing Your Eggs 101:

Step 1 – Finding money for the procedure: “It’s expensive, so you should save up for it,” said Chopra Jonas. “If you want to buy a fancy car or bag, we save up for it. So do this for yourself, where you kind of take a little bit of power back from your biological clock… But you have sort of security. It’s like a savings account.”

Step 2 – The injections & side effects: Once you you’ve paid, now it’s time to inject yourself with a needle… yayyy…. “It’s painful,” said the “Citadel” star. “You have to give yourself like injections and stuff like that over over a month, you have hormonal ups and downs, it makes you feel insane, you’re bloated. I was filming during that time, but I just, I just really wanted to do it for myself.”

Step 3 – Pregnancy or Repeat?: While Chopra Jonas and husband Nick Jonas welcomed their daughter Malti Marie via surrogate in January 2022, not all women are so lucky. “There’s no telling how many eggs will survive,” said the actress. “Some women have to do it multiple times, because very few survive, you don’t know what kind of quality they are to do it. So there’s like a lot of other elements in play. It’s not the easiest thing to do. But I do advocate it for working women. I think science has been able to give us the opportunity, working women or single women or women who want to, you know, have kids or are unsure if they ever want to or not.”

On this episode of “UnWrapped,” Chopra Jonas also reveals…

  • There were “a lot of conversations and safety around guns” on the set of “Citadel.” “It’s not something to be glorified, it is a weapon that is literally created to kill and needs to be used with tremendous responsibility.”
  • How being a mother has changed her work ethic: “She just made me stop and smell the roses… having a work life balance is something I never knew, and craved. But now is the most important thing.”
  • Details a face injury from “Citadel” set: “that’s why I’ll never have hair here again”
  • She doubts she’d have gotten pay parity for ‘Citadel’ if Amazon wasn’t run by Jennifer Salke: “[She] turned around and made space for me.” Adding that her and husband popped champagne to celebrate achieving equal pay on the project.

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