Clarence Clemons Mourned on Twitter – David Cook, Jake Tapper, Michael Moore

From politics to music to film, figures across the Twitterverse shared memories and tributes to one-of-a-kind sax player Clarence Clemons

The music made by Clarence Clemons won tributes across the Twitterverse on Saturday as the news quickly spread that the legendary saxophone player had died of a stroke at 69.

The responses came from across the country, and from every walk of society – politics, music, television, movies.

Jesse Dylan, son of Bob, weighed in. So did filmmaker Michael Moore. ABC White House correspondent Jake Tapper. American Idol winner David Cook. Conjurer Penn Jillette.

Plenty of people said some of the best moments of their lives were scored by Clemons’ stirring saxophone as a core part of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band.

Here’s a selection, below.

Incidentally, Clarence Clemons had a Twitter account, where he described himself as “Saxophonist, sexual adventurer, poet and author! And the Biggest Man you’ve ever seen!”


sethmeyers21 Seth Meyers

RIP Clarence Clemons. I’ll never forget when the change was made uptown and the big man joined the band.


thedavidcook David Cook

My heart goes out to Clarence Clemons and his family, friends, bandmates, and fans. RIP Clarence.


DanRaviv Dan Raviv

Pained that #Clarence Clemons has died. Listen to the Big Man play on Bruce’s “Rosalita” etc etc. Sad. Remember the joy.


GovChristie Governor Christie

A very sad night for Springsteen fans & all of NJ–thx Clarence Clemons for 40 years of magical & soulful music. He will be missed forever.


MMFlint Michael Moore

RIP Clarence Clemons. So many yrs of bringing joy 2 so many of us. In 94 I spent a day cruising round NJ w/ him. Unforgettable.


GayleKing Gayle King

So sorry to hear about clarence clemons we became pals after I intvued him last year thinking about his lovely wife victoria tonite.


BonnieBernstein Bonnie Bernstein

Springsteen fans will miss Clarence Clemons. As a sax player, I appreciated even his mastery of the instrument even more. #RIPBigMan


jessebdylan Jesse Dylan

A beautiful recollection: Clarence Clemons on Meeting Bruce Springsteen


pennjillette Penn Jillette

Bye to Clarence Clemons. Saw him a zillion times with his (and everyone’s) Boss. I was lucky enough to play music with him once on our show


RobLowe Rob Lowe

ClarenceClemons was an electric, generous, sweet spirit. Taught me how to look cool with a sax. Goodbye Big Man #Legendary


RobRiggle Rob Riggle

Rest in Peace Clarence Clemons


jaketapper Jake Tapper

RIP Clarence Clemons


DuleHill Dulé Hill

RIP Clarence Clemons RT @pourmecoffee: So sad about this. “Clarence Clemons dies of complications from stroke” RIP


ralphmacchio Ralph Macchio

A music legend in my life is gone today. Ur sound and influence will live on forever. Such sad news. RIP Clarence Clemons. #EStreetBand


Alyssa_Milano Alyssa Milano

Rest in peace, Clarence Clemons.