HBO Max’s ‘Class Action Park’ Trailer Is Filled With Tales of Electrocution, Decapitation and Impalement at NJ Amusement Park (Video)

“Nobody should ever be the second person to die in a wave pool. Close the f—ing wave pool!”

HBO Max dropped the trailer for “Class Action Park” Wednesday, a documentary that takes a deep dive into New Jersey’s Action Park, which is “widely regarded as the world’s most dangerous amusement park and a staple of growing up in the New York/New Jersey area in the ’80s and ’90s.”

In the video, which you can view above, stories are told of incidents of electrocution, decapitation, impalement and more at Action Park.

“Nobody should ever be the second person to die in a wave pool,” comedian Chris Gethard says in an interview. “Close the f—ing wave pool!”

Per HBO Max, “‘Class Action Park’ is the first-ever feature-length documentary to explore the legend, legacy, and truth behind a place that long ago entered the realm of myth. To some, New Jersey’s infamous Action Park was the most spectacularly fun amusement park on Earth: A place where unruly 1980s teenagers were given free rein to go gonzo on strange contraptions that seemed to violate the laws of common sense (and perhaps physics). To others, it was an ill-conceived death trap. One thing is sure: It’s the type of place that will never exist again.”

“Class Action Park” was pieced together using “investigative journalism, newly unearthed and never-before-seen documents and recordings, original animations, and interviews with the people who lived it to reveal the true story for the first time.”

The documentary is produced and directed by Chris Charles Scott and Seth Porges. Authentic Talent & Literary Management’s Liz DeCesare executive produced.

“Class Action Park” will launch Aug. 27 on HBO Max.


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