Claudia Conway Cut From ‘American Idol’ During Hollywood Week (Video)

“I hope you learned a lot, and I hope you come and see us again” judge Katy Perry told Conway

Claudia Conway will not be the next American Idol. The 16-year-old daughter of Kellyanne Conway was cut from the long-running singing competition after getting a coveted ticket to Hollywood.

Conway barely eeked through her solo performance during Hollywood Week. For her next performance, she was paired up with Hannah Everhart to perform a duet. The two got off to a rocky start, with Everhart straight up avoiding Conway during the rehearsal process.

“It’s not going too well right now,” Conway told the cameras. “I don’t know where my partner is.”

As she searched, Conway expressed her frustrations with being avoided. “You know, watching all the other pairs working together and collaborating, it’s kind of frustrating me,” Conway said. “You know, I’m here to win. I’m here to do the best that I can. I’m here to collaborate with my partner, but there’s no partner to collaborate with.”

Eventually Conway caught up with Everhart — though Everhart seemingly turned around and tried walking away when Conway did find her — and the two began the rehearsal process with judge Katy Perry sitting in on the process. Perry advised the two women to “be mindful to not, like, overshadow each other.”

In the end though, it was taking that advice too far that seemed to trip the duo up, with Perry and the other judges, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie, agreeing that Conway and Everhart’s performance of “Rollin On Sass” didn’t give either of them enough time to shine on their own.

When it came time for the decision, it was Perry who delivered the news that Conway’s journey on “Idol” would be coming to an end. She left Conway with some encouraging final words though, saying “I hope you learned a lot, and I hope you come and see us again.”

Conway was gracious in her exit and praised Everhart. Watch the full video of Conway’s road to elimination above.


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