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‘Clinton Cash’ Author Makes ‘7 to 8 Factual Corrections’ to New Version of Book

The media has extensively covered the book, which alleges shady financial dealings by Hillary and Bill Clinton through the Clinton Foundation

The book “Clinton Cash,” which has been been subject to intense media scrutiny recently, got an update to its Kindle eBook version Thursday in which several factual corrections were made to author Peter Schweizer’s reporting.

Amazon users got a blast email stating that “significant revisions have been made.” HarperCollins, Schweitzer’s publisher, specified that “seven or eight” corrections had been made.

According to Politico, one section about Bill Clinton has been omitted from the most recent Kindle version completely. The passage reported that TD Bank, which is a principal shareholder in the Keystone XL oil pipeline, paid the former president for speeches, then said it would sell its $1.6 billion in shares after Hillary Clinton wrapped her role as Secretary of State.

Apparently, Schweizer’s source on this was a fake press release from 2013. HarperCollins said that deletion and other corrections, including one alleging Bill Clinton was paid $200,000 per speech by an Irish billionaire receiving money through a State Department initiative, are not out of the norm.

“This is a routine notification that Amazon sends to previous version purchasers whenever there is an updated file,” a HarperCollins spokesperson said in a statement. “The changes that Amazon is referring to as significant are actually quite minor. We made 7-8 factual corrections after the first printing and fixed a technical issue regarding the endnotes. This global fix may have made the changes appear more extensive than they were.”

Schweizer made the media rounds when his book first came out on May 5, getting grilled by Fox News’ Chris Wallace and ABC’s George Stephanopoulos among others.  Stephanopoulos apologized Thursday for not disclosing he donated $50,000 to the Clinton Foundation over several years — including during the interview with Schweizer.

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