‘Morning Joe’ Rips Clinton Foundation: ‘This Is Sleazy and Everybody Knows It’s Sleazy’ (Video)

Joe Scarborough says the Clintons are “bragging about being able to shake down foundation clients”

“Morning Joe” bashed the “sleazy” Clinton Foundation on Thursday morning after leaked emails showed what Joe Scarborough described as the Clintons “bragging about being able to shake down foundation clients.”

Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski began the 20-minute segment by holding up newspapers with negative headlines regarding the Clinton Foundation after new emails revealed how the Clintons used the foundation for personal gain.

“Whoa, this Clinton Inc. thing has just exploded,” Scarborough said before explaining that the news verifies Clinton staffers were “horrified” about what they have gotten themselves into.

One email reveals Bill Clinton aide Doug Band openly discussing negotiating a deal to secure million of dollars for the Clintons in exchange for access to the former president, which he called “Clinton Inc.”

“Does anyone in America believe that Doug Band, Mika, would be doing anything that Bill and Hillary Clinton didn’t want Doug Band to do,” Scarborough asked. “This is sleazy and everybody knows it’s sleazy.”

“This all starts with Bill Clinton,” Brzezinski responded.

“You’re shaking down the world for $66 million dollars,” Scarborough added before Brzezinski went on to report latest details of the latest scrutiny the Clintons are receiving as a result of their foundation.

Watch the video above.