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CNBC Dumps Nielsen: Biz Network Will Abandon Measurement by Ratings Giant in Late 2015

The cable news network becomes the first ever to end ratings relationship with Nielsen; CNBC business day will be measured by Cogent Reports

CNBC is breaking up with Nielsen, the business network announced Tuesday.

The network will shift from having its business day time period measured by Nielsen in the fourth quarter of 2015, pivoting to Cogent Reports, which is a research firm that provides financial and investment services to businesses. CNBC will continue to have its primetime measured by Nielsen.

“Throughout our 25 year history, traditional measurement companies have struggled to capture CNBC’s audience of business executives, decision makers and affluent investors who watch our network from their corner offices, trading floors, five-star hotel rooms, country clubs, restaurants and health clubs,” said Mark Hoffman, President, CNBC. “We are excited to begin to provide our marketing partners with a more complete understanding of the power and quality of our prestigious audience.”

Fox Business responded to its competitors move Tuesday:  “Only using the numbers you like is a little tough to sell,” Paul Rittenberg, executive vice president of advertising for the channel, told The Wall Street Journal.