CNN’s Clarissa Ward Wears Hijab to Report From Kabul After Taliban Takeover (Video)

“This is a sight I honestly thought I would never see,” Ward said

CNN chief international correspondent Clarissa Ward donned a hijab while reporting from Kabul on Monday morning, one day after the Taliban took control of the capital of Afghanistan.

Ward used her “New Day” report to show just how dramatically things have changed in the city in the last 24 hours.

“This is a sight I honestly thought I would never see,” Ward said. “Scores of Taliban fighters, and just behind us, the U.S. Embassy compound.”

When asked by “New Day” anchors Jon Berman and Brianna Keilar to go into more depth about just how different things are now, Ward pointed out that she primarily saw Taliban members on the streets. Those who were just ordinary citizens were mostly men.

“I have seen a few women, but I will say, I have seen far fewer women than I would ordinarily see walking down the streets of Kabul,” Ward said. “And the women that you do see walking down the streets of Kabul tend to be dressed more conservatively than they were when they were walking down the streets of Kabul yesterday. I’ve seen more burkas today than I had seen in awhile. Obviously, I am dressed in a very different way to how I would normally dress to walk down the streets of Kabul.”

Ward even noted during her reporting that her presence started to cause tension among Taliban members she spoke to. At one point, she was specifically asked to stand aside because she is a woman.

“It’s anyone’s guess as to what the situation on the ground will look like in two hours, let alone two days, two months,” Ward said.

You can watch her full report via the video above.


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